Win A Vinyl Edition Of St Vincent’s MASSEDUCTION

She’s definitely not the weirdest thing to come out of Las Vegas, but St Vincent definitely knows how to challenge pop conventions.

Her new album MASSEDUCTION, takes her signature art-pop sound to a darker place than her previous self-titled album, exploring power, sex and death through warped soundscapes. Having previously released lead single, ‘New York‘ and scathing pop track ‘Los Ageless‘,  the full 13-track masterpiece followed with a cacophony of whirring synths that are equally energetic and gritty. Despite this new dark side, pop hooks still reign supreme and it’s the final track ‘Smoking Section‘ that pulls all this energy and chaos away to reveal St Vincent in a vulnerable but powerful ballad, lead by her husky voice and gentle piano but littered with assaults of screaming guitars.

Ending with an ethereal outro that repeats “It’s not the end”, the final track leaves us wondering if this isn’t the end, what’s next? We’re sure whatever it is, we won’t be expecting it. Luckily for you – we have two copies of this v-powerful new record to give away and bulk up your collection.

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