Win Tickets To See Nic Cester Debut All New Music This Month In Melbourne + Sydney

Nic Cester… you may know him from his days as fronting Aussie megastar for Jet, but now the singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has announced he’ll release a debut solo album Friday, 3 November.

Full of soul, blues and Italian groove, Sugar Rush is set to be 12 tracks of killer rock n roll hooks, psychedelic tangents and bluesy feelings. The debut single ‘Psichebello‘ is a mesmerising combination of warm fuzzy guitars, sultry bass and beckoning vocals. It ventures through wickedly catchy psych-pop verses and blissful choruses before departing the realm of pop song-craft to enter one of organic experimentation. Think battling flutes, flailing organs, speeding bass and crashing drums and then ponder  how that will be transformed live!

To celebrate, Cester will return home to perform two launch shows in Sydney on Tuesday, 31 October and Melbourne on Thursday, 2 November and he’ll be joined by his electrifying, all-Italian live band, the Milano Elletrica.

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