What’s your flava? Win A Tasty CD Bundle

Here at Mushroom HQ, we’re celebrating the end of financial year by giving away some of the biggest releases to hit the shelves this year!

We’re not ones to pigeon-hole or catergorise, but we’ve bundled a bunch of CDs suitable for every listener and tastebud. It’s like we’re your personal Spotify, hand picking ‘related artists’ and ‘bangers you’re gonna love’.

There’s four prize packs which include four CDs, all released this year. Which one screams out to you?

All Killer, No Filler – Did somebody dial an indie anthem? Huge tracks and modern day karaoke go-tos including, The Temper Trap‘s comeback album Thick As Thieves and the hugely successful debut record Hills End via Sydney lads DMA’S. We’re even throwing in the yet to be released copy of alt-J‘s first-ever live album, recorded at Red Rocks and the recent debut alt-rock record from UK supergroup, Minor Victories.

Ladies To The Front – No guesses, no boyz. This one is full of the most fierce females in the biz right now. Crispy beats and electronic-pop vibes courtesy of English producer Låpsley and her debut record, Long Way Home, and the debut album from Norwegian pop-artist AURORA. It wouldn’t be complete without the stunning debut EP, Clever Disguise, from Aussie singer/songwriter Gordi and the brand new album, Emotions And Math, from NY alt-rock realist, Margaret Glaspy.

The Trailblazers – This pack is for the innovators and the leaders. It’s how shit is done. Including (but not limited to) the ARIA dominators; MollyDo Yourself A Favour, three CDs and 60 tracks of absolute classics and it sits neatly next to Jimmy Barnes‘, Soul Searchin’, the legend’s 11th #1 album. We’re also giving away the extraordinary sixth studio record, Strange Little Birds, from American-Scottish lords Garbage and the most recent bass-loaded album, Basses Loaded, from US rockers Melvins.

The EPics – This is for the tastemakers of the squad. The people who froth off discovering new artists and indie jams. It includes debut material from Sydney experimentalist, MOSSY and the woozy, foozy EP, Eazy Queezy Squeezy, from Green Buzzard. We’ve thrown in the best from Melbourne outifts; Tiny Little Houses, You Tore Out My Heart, and the ripping EP, Talk Tight, from 5-piece collective Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever.

It’s pretty tough, but you can only choose one.  What’s your flava?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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