What’s Gideon Bensen Up To?

Sad news broke on Friday that guitarist/vocalist Gideon Bensen of Sydney band The Preatures was leaving to pursue his solo career. It was a shock for many fans but the departure will allow Benson more time to work on his side project and focus on his recent release and debut solo EP, Cold Cold Heart.

Zero controversy surrounds the news as The Preatures confirmed via Facebook that “he leaves as our brother and our friend” and that despite his departure “the band isn’t slowing down, we’ve been busy recording album 2 and we can’t wait to share it with you.” Good news all around, tbh.

Bensen is now London-based and working on new music and hardout gigging. He’s taken a whole new direction, with his new EP heavily influenced by hip hop and DIY beat making, quite the contrast from the rock and roll sound of The Preatures. “It’s a world I never really explored until now. I was inspired by acts like N.W.A, Bomb da Bass, Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus and D’Angelo’s Black Messiah and wanted to incorporate that into what I was doing,” says Benson.

Bensen took to Facebook to provide a peace-out-it’s-been-real kinda statement and whaddup-future shout-out – “Leaving is never easy… I had an absolute ball! I’m so excited to hear what the band does, and excited to throw myself into my new world!”

Stayed tuned.


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