Watch You Am I Mash ‘One Potato, Two Potato’ Into A Sizzlin Tune

We were well aware that You Am I were incredible performers, beer-brewers and hot sauce-producers, but who knew the local rock legends could spin a nursery rhyme into a sizzling rock track.

As a part of Play School’s 50th Birthday celebrations, up to 30 celebrities will appear alongside Big Ted and co. starting on July 18 for a month long Play School party on ABC and ABC Kids.

Among a plethora of celebs, You Am I graced the stage and delivered a killer rendition of ‘One Potato, Two Potato’. It’s probably the best thing you’ll watch today.

Play School has/is/was a strong choice for Australian children over three generations and they’ve provided 50 years of quality TV-cation. You can even watch a recording of Dan Sultan covering ‘The Wheels On The Bus’ here. What an initiative!



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