Watch The Temper Trap Perform Unreleased Music

Just a couple of weeks ago, The Temper Trap swept through the east coast of Australia like a whirlwind of nostalgia. They returned home to play a few intimate gigs, share some never-before-heard music and break a theatre full of hearts (Fader has officially been put to rest).

Onwards and upwards, because the road-based band threw down this absolute tune at the Forum Theatre, which is lifted from their forthcoming third album, Thick as Thieves. It was an incredibly powerful set that 100% justified why they’re a band of international rapture. The anthemic track also marks the first ever co-write for the four-piece, teaming up with Justin Parker (Lana Del Rey).

“‘Burn’ was one of the early songs we wrote for the record and remains one of our favorites,” explains drummer Toby Dundas to Noisey. “It evolved from two very different tracks which gradually morphed together as one as we were recording. That’s the thing with this record… we had the time and space to develop tracks in a way which allowed them to take on a new life during the process.”

Thick As Thieves will be unleashed June 10, you can pre-order it here.

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