Watch DMA’S Play A Dobro In New Video

“When I first heard it, it was the most beautiful instrument I’d ever heard, acoustic,” says Johnny Took of DMA’S.

In a recent interview with the band, the boys described the Dobro as a square-ish guitar, typically played flat, which originated in the Czech Republic and was traditionally used in blues music.

“Some Americans brought it over on their way to Antarctica in 1936 or some shit and now it’s ours,” says guitarist Matt Mason who can be seen playing the instrument in the video for ‘Step Up The Morphine’. The stripped back, live re-working of the album track was recorded in their hometown Sydney, by Al Kalyk. The video also features the trio walking about Kings Cross, hanging out near some fountains and admiring the Ibis’. It’s very chill.

You can watch the video here.

DMA’S have just announced even more shows for their Aus tour in late May/early June. Shows are selling out, so don’t snooze! Absorb yourself in their debut album Hills End now.

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