Retracing Violent Soho’s Domination At The 2016 ARIA Awards

The 2016 ARIA Awards that went down in Sydney last night became a night of firsts.

So many debut winners, so many dangerously pointy trophies and so many weird moments, yet only heroes came out on top, and one group in particular (including their wives + label founder).

Violent Soho, the people’s band from Mansfield, started their ARIA debut like everyone else – getting hounded on the red carpet. Obviously, CBF with the dress code, the boys looked suprisingly comfortable on the fuzzy, soggy ground, because;

A. They weren’t wearing a suit and,

B. They’re just bloody stoked to be there.


<< They eased their way into the evening by drinking the closest thing to a JD cocktail. #glam.

And bulk beerz. >>


Violent Soho then impressively and 100% most deservingly, shifted their night into second gear by taking home the ARIA for Best Rock Album for their #1 ARIA Award winning album WACO. Thanking producer Bryce Moorhead and good friend/mentor, Magic Dirt’s late great Dean Turner.

The award was presented by none other than Jimmy Barnes.

We just met Jimmy Barnes, now what do we do?” – Violent Soho 2016

What next?

They bloody performed – throwing down a ripping reindition of ‘Like Soda‘, a barn-burning single from WACO. Channel Ten viewers had never seen so much rage. Watch it here.

A quick hang in the green room following the performance and a few cheeky frothies (the main event was dry) meant the band were unaware that the ARIA for Best Group was announced, and their name was engraved.

Taking the stage to accept the award (one of many highlights of the night) were the unsung heroes, I OH YOU label boss Johann Ponniah and the fucking incredible Soho partners! Then the band eventually made it to the podium (they even filmed it) – frosties in hand, to accept the award.

“We were just downstairs having beers.. We thought we were done.” – Violent Soho 2016.

Then John Farnham performed ‘You’re The Voice’ and Soho guitarist James Tidswell loved the absolute shit out of every moment. Like a beacon of fluro green joy, spewing literal rainbows and probably initiating a circle pit.

Yet to hear from the boys today, but a huge congrats to the legends for taking home Best Rock Album and Best Group at the 2016 ARIA’s and generally dominating the night.

Hell fuck yeah.

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