Troye Sivan Announces Australian Tour

YouTube juggernaut Troye Sivan is transitioning from the screen to the stage by kicking off his first ever headline Aussie tour. For a 20-nothing from Perth, he’s had one crazy AF year. His video trilogy and release of mini-album WILD is a six-track, pop banger that’s left everyone feeling dazed and just a little bit inadequate given that he’s a 20-nothing from Perth and absolutely flogging it.

You (and nine other million YouTubers) were probably infected by the first two drops, ‘WILD’ and ‘FOOLS’, which visually represent a generation coming of age combined with new-wave sound production. Sounding like poetry drenched in dreamy-EDM and synth-pop, the video clip trilogy has been drip-fed to the online world with part three to be released in late October.

Following the mad anticipation, Sivan’s teased a full-length album Blue Neighbourhood via snippets of artwork fed to Twitter and Buzzfeed that followers have eaten up like candy. The debut album is anexpansion of WILD and it’s set to drop December 4. But in the meantime, now’s your chance to catch that ‘YouTube dude’ IRL.

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