Tiny Little Houses Release Angsty New Single And Announce Launch Shows

Tiny Little Houses have just dropped a deliciously angsty, 90’s inspired track ‘Garbage Bin’ and they’re launching the screw-up anthem in Melbourne and Sydney next month.

‘Garbage Bin’ combines classic 90’s rock bass lines, snappy drums and loud garage guitars with singer Caleb Karvountzis’ distinctively whiny voice, as he shares a life story of failure and acceptance. Caleb shares a relatable predicament when writing the song, “I wrote it partly in frustration about how sick I was of being a screw up and partly out of a strange, sarcastic acceptance of my predicament.” Suitably, the tune is chock full of brutally honest lines such as “I think I’m getting depressed / it’s always me against the world,” and “I keep on losing my friends to suicide.” The latter is particularly touching as the song was written with Fergus Miller (of Bored Nothing/Wedding Ring Bells) who tragically passed away a few weeks later.

Tiny Little Houses have also released a playful video for the track, featuring Caleb’s absurd life happening around him as the rest of the band play their instruments in garbage bins and paddling pools.

Fresh off a tour with Tired Lion and Laura Marling, Tiny Little Houses will be launching the charmingly sarcastic tune at Howler in Melbourne and the Lansdowne Hotel in Sydney. We’re hoping this fresh noisey track is the first hint that maybe they’re not still procrastinating making their first album.

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