Sunflower Bean Are Turning 22 – So They’re Releasing A New Album To Celebrate

New York’s leading cool kids and indie-rock trio Sunflower Bean have announced their v anticipated second album is set to drop on Friday, 23 March, and they’ve shared a brand new crashing anthem of pop power.

‘Crisis Fest’ is the second single from the new album Twentytwo In Blue, so named because all three members will be 22 years of age on the release date, following on from the mesmerisingly mellow ‘I Was A Fool’ released last year.

Trading in their soft-psych for a punchier sound, ‘Crisis Fest’ takes delectable pop licks of distorted guitar and catchy oohs, and turns them on their head with a more aggressive message, as singer/bassist Julia Cumming sings “Reality’s one big sick show / Every day’s a crisis fest.”

The band explain, “‘Crisis Fest’ is less about politics and more about the power of us, the young people in this country.” This passion is set to run through the upcoming album, which has been influenced by the political turmoil of the past two years. But despite this, they still describe the record, in one word, as “lovable”.

“We want the songs to be something that someone can get attached to, and have be a part of them.”

Sunflower Bean have graduated high school but haven’t forgotten their sweet indie roots. We’re very intrigued to hear what it sounds like to be 22.

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