St Vincent Returns With More Seduction And More Satire

Art pop queen supreme St Vincent has announced her new album Masseduction will be released next month, in a super-saturated press-conference video.

Staged in a hot pink conference room, St Vincent announced that the anticipated album will drop on October 13, before asking herself questions such as “Are there woodwinds on the album?” and “Are you okay? Last night I had a dream that you fell down a giant bathroom sink.” She also answered further questions in a series of quirky interview snippets such as this one about whether or not the glass is half full.

Accompanying the press conference was the premiere of St Vincent’s new track, ‘Los Ageless‘. With biting lyrics and sharp production, the track is every bit as weird as we would expect from the experimental Texan. Minimal verses with lines such as “Girls in cages playing their guitars” spill into a dark, sizzling chorus driven by a huge edgy pop hook. Stick around for the spoken word outro.

‘Los Ageless’ follows on from ‘New York‘, the shamelessly pop, heartbreak track that gave us our first glimpse into what to expect from St Vincent’s new album. What we’ve learnt so far is to expect to be surprised.

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