Small Victory To Keep Sydney Open

The Sydney lockouts have been a contentious topic since March 2014, when the state government introduced strict lockout laws in an attempt to curb alcohol-fuelled violence, following a number of fatalities. Many venues were forced to close there doors, and many (every) Sydney-sider declared the night life dead. High profile musicians, party people, and all humans who generally enjoy a beer after 10pm have been relentlessly campaigning their faces off to get the government to reconsider, and finally they have had a little victory!

Mr Mike Baird, aka the Premier of NSW, announced that the 1:30am lockout in place will be moved to 2am, and last drinks at venues that offer live entertainment, performances, and/or art and cultural events will be extended from 3am to 3:30am in the Sydney CBD and Kings Cross area. The changes will kick-off in January and a two year trial period has been put in place. Takeaway and home delivery alcohol sales will also be extended from 10pm to 11pm across the state.

We can relax a little bit, but the battle is still up-hill (typical Sydney).

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