Slum Sociable Confirm Debut Album + Release Brooding Single

Melbourne low-fi electronic duo Slum Sociable have announced the arrival of their self-titled debut album, and shared another hypnotic glimpse at what to expect.

Slated to drop on October 13, the album is set to be an ambitious and immersive foray into unknown territory, somewhere entirely new between jazz, soul and electronica. Their sound has expanded since 2015’s EP, TQ, as Miller Upchurch’s yearning vocals weave through Edward Quinn’s slinky layers of beats, samples and grooves.

‘Castle’ is a darkly shimmering example of their new full-bodied sound. Following on from silky lead single ‘Don’t Come Back Another 100 Times‘, this latest offering is a gritty dive further down into a nocturnal world of introspection and anxiety.

Thick beats, rumbling bass and squealing synths underscore Upchurch’s glossy vocals as he offers some relief through the melancholy, “Waves of uncertainty / A feeling that you’ve always had / I’ll be there every time you crash.” The result is a thrilling five minutes of mesmerising textures that are simultaneously haunting and desperate to comfort.

‘Castle’ is a fascinating tease of Slum Sociable’s anticipated debut album. Not long to go now – stay tuned.

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