Sam Weston Signs With Soothsayer + Unleashes Brand New Single

No stranger to the Australian house-music scene, Sam Weston is (potentially your current) and soon-to-be late-night/early-morning pal who, at ground level is a master at vibe-longevity and at his core, a lord producer.

More commonly known as one half of influential Sydney techno duo – Alba, Weston (who’s now joined Melbourne label imprint Soothsayer) is pioneering a solo odyssey into your PM/AM playlist for when the sun goes down, unless you live in Northern Norway. Having previously laid down a collection of tracks aptly titled Shiraz Voyager (2016), today Weston follows with ‘Don’t Save Face‘, a 13-minute exploration into the dim lit haze of synth and brooding grooves.

Written during a two month stint living alone in the remote desert in South Australia, ‘Don’t Save Face’ is a sonic memoir of the harsh reality of what living away from civilisation harbours.

“I had inconsistent access to electricity for my synths” Weston explains of the process, “…so this track is more sample-based than previous pieces.” With zero distractions, the music Weston is producing is focused, disco-tinged and fresh. See you on the other side.

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