Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Announce Existential Debut Album + Drop New Single

Melbourne mates Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever have released a moody new single about loneliness in the wake of announcing that their v anticipated debut album Hope Downs.

Talking Straight‘ is a darkly driven piece of guitar pop, sprinkled with the trio’s signature Aussie charisma, with it’s very own vibrant Matt Sav-directed video. In singer/songwriter/guitarist Joe White’s own words; “The concept came about when I heard someone talking about the possibility of us, humans, being alone in the universe, and how sad that would be. The idea in this song is that we might be lonely, but we could be lonely together.”

Following on from ‘Mainland‘ which was released earlier this year, this latest offering continues to grow the band’s sound with rich layers of guitar, whilst maintaining their lackadaisical twang.

Their debut album, Hope Downs (confirmed for release in mid June) is named after a vast open mine in central Australia, which explores feelings of emptiness and the search for comfort. Bunking down in their Melbourne rehearsal space to write the album, the band describe, “We were feeling like we were in a moment where the sands were shifting and the world was getting a lot weirder. There was a general sense that things were coming apart at the seams and people around us were too”, explains singer/songwriter/guitarist Tom Russo. “The songs on this album are like a collection of postcards about wider things that were going on through the lens of these small characters.”

This weirdness seeps through the music in the form of surprising guitar riffs and tense rhythm sections, but is always brought home with their easy-going charm. Hope Downs is out on Friday 15 June, you can pre-order it now.

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