Some Of My Best Work

Creators and artists share the stories behind some of their best work to date.
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Abby Dobson


Alex Gow

Amy Sheppard

Ash Grunwald

DZ Deathrays

Emma Donovan

George Sheppard


Hayley Mary

J Willgoose Esq

Jack River

Jaguar Jonze

John Safran

Josh Pyke

Katy Steele




Mark Zito/Fractures

Peter Black, Hard-Ons

Shane Nicholson

Vika and Linda

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About Some of My Best Work

Artists tell the stories of how some of their best work came to be.

It could be a song, a performance, a verse or chorus that they feel is one of their career highpoints.

We hear the story, their description and their perspective on how creating something amazing can change a career.

From Jane Rocca, music and culture journalist, host of Some of My Best Work

As someone who has loved interviewing musicians, artists and celebrities about their lives for print media over the past two decades, the opportunity to host SOMBW podcast is a wonderful extension of that conversation.

SOMBW allows musicians the opportunity to delve into their creative past and pinpoint a milestone moment.

Sometimes it’s a familiar song, other times their choice is a complete surprise; yet what makes it so magical to listen to is the deeply personal journey that got them there and reflect on what they consider a particular song as some of their best efforts to date.

I’ve loved reconnecting with singer songwriter Adalita in SOMBW. We met in Geelong in the early 90s with her band Magic Dirt; I had them perform at a fundraiser at the Barwon Club via my then radio show Collusion on 3YYR and it evolved from there. It’s great to see how much her career as a singer songwriter has evolved over the decades – she’s championed her voice and confidence and willingly shares the details with us in SOMBW.

We reminisce about the grunge era of Geelong, a time when riot girl movement, feminist fanzines and dirgy stoner riffs tore through our youth louder than a fuzzy wah-wah pedal ever could.”

These artists tell the story of the songs that mean the most to them – it takes them right back in time and seeing their expression/emotion and reliving a moment through storytelling is what makes these conversations sacred.

About the host, Jane Rocca

Jane Rocca Music Journalist

Jane lives in Melbourne and has been writing about fashion, music and lifestyle over two decades.

She’s written for some of the best music publications; Rolling Stone, Loudmouth, Hot Metal, The Face, i-D UK, and more.


Current rounds:

The Age, Sydney Morning Herald Sunday Life Magazine, New York Times T Australia, Domain, Domain Review, Esquire Singapore, Rolling Stone Australia.


Books authored:

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