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180 Grams is a narrative documentary podcast series about significant albums.

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Grammy nomination for best engineered album non-classical

Nominated for a Grammy! Let's get to LA. The band is on tour in Europe so the producer, manager and mastering engineer get to Los Angeles for the ceremony in January 2020. Hear the full story of Run Home Slow on 180 Grams, a music documentary podcast from Mushroom. Listen here on Apple, Spotify, Google [...]

‘Run Home Slow’ – 180 Grams series overview

Season 1 - Run Home Slow Trailer 🎸 Following the success of their self-produced debut Half Mile Harvest in 2017 the Warrandyte locals quickly garnered attention in Melbourne, Sydney, London, Berlin, New York and Los Angeles. To repeat the feat will be no easy task. Listen 1. I bet they can't do it live 🎤 Two Teskey Brothers become [...]

The Teskey Brothers touring ingenuity

The Teskey Brothers' touring ingenuity There’s a few special moves The Teskey Brothers use on tour to keep their collective heads cool and the show on the road. Liam Gough, Sam and Josh Teskey share their techniques. Hear the story of Run Home Slow on 180 Grams, a music documentary podcast from Mushroom - listen [...]


YOU’VE FINALLY MADE IT THE TESKEY BROTHERS’ RUN HOME SLOW 180 GRAMS PODCAST Mikey Cahill, host of 180 Grams, reflects on his experience making the debut season. I’m a late bloomer when it comes to podcasts. Why would I listen to people jibber jabber when I can play music? Song Exploder and Serial were my [...]

The Wisdom of album Producer Paul Butler

The wisdom of album Producer Paul Butler Insightful quotes from the Zen master who helped guide The Teskey Brothers through the process of creating Run Home Slow. He arrived in Warrandyte then flew home three weeks later with tape reels wrapped in aluminium foil. We’ve gathered some of his quotes from series 1 of 180 [...]

Around The Teskey Brothers’ studio, under a house in Warrandyte (that has good bass)

Around The Teskey Brothers’ studio, under a house in Warrandyte (that has good bass) Get a look inside the recording studio that Sam Teskey built in the suburb where the band grew up. Hear the story of Run Home Slow on 180 Grams, a music documentary podcast from Mushroom - listen here. The Teskey Brothers [...]

The Teskey Brothers’ rare deal

The Teskey Brothers’ rare deal After 10 years of playing around Melbourne’s north eastern outer edge the four are an impressive band live but the public beyond, even in Melbourne, are oblivious to their talents. This soon changes. In September 2016 The Teskey Brothers upload their song Pain and Misery to Triple J Unearthed. Marihuzka Cornelius, A&R [...]

About 180 Grams

An album captures an artist or band in a room with a multitude of distinct personalities all pursuing the same goal: making a new piece of art they can be proud of.

In a world where so much is laid out for us is there a more nervous and giddy feeling than playing a new album by an artist you love?

The word album has a more obvious etymology than you may think.

In the early 20th century recorded music was released in a format of 78 Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) Bakelite records containing only a few minutes of music on each side. 

The big black discs were sold in a cardboard album and placed in individual sleeves like the pages of, yep, a photo album.

Fast forward to 1948 and record company Colombia combined business smarts, technological innovation and marketing strategies to popularize the Long Playing Microgroove format or LP as we now know it. 

This changed everything, allowing a longer and more immersive experience for music fans, 17 minutes each side which fit in 90% of symphonies. Classic.

British author Travis Elborough describes the change eloquently:

“The album was welded in our collective consciousness”.

Developments in the world of vinyl production lead to a warmer, richer sound favoured by audiophiles.

Those in the know will tell you the best quality vinyl weigh 180 grams. 

Most albums weigh 120 or 140 grams but 180 grams vinyl is sturdier, more durable and will last longer without warping.

Like the stories in this show.

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land where we have produced this show.

We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging, for they hold the memories and cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples within the Kulin Nation.

We wish to celebrate the rich history of indigenous storytelling and hope to uphold this as testament to their eternal influence.

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