Pixies Just Dropped A New Song and There’s An Album To Follow

Boston legends, Pixies, are back with a sophomore, post-reunion album, Head Carrier, slated to be released on September 30. ‘Um Chagga Lagga‘, is the first track to be released.

For the first time in a long time, the Pixies spent a total of six weeks in pre-production, writing, arranging and rehearsing a plethora of songs. The result, a 12-track collection of the band’s unique aural mix of surrealism, psychedelia, dissonance and surf rock produced by Tom Dalgety (Killing Joke, Royal Blood) and recorded at London’s Rak Studios earlier this year.

“This was a wonderful luxury, for us to have the time to be able to really work these new songs out,” said Pixies drummer David Lovering. “By the time we started recording, we all knew the songs backwards and forwards, so it took half as long for us to make this album as it did to make Indie Cindy. And it was great working with Tom… he started with us in pre-production and played a big part in keeping us focused on making the best music we could.”

Featuring original artwork by the band’s longtime art director, the legendary Vaughan Oliver, this record is a huge relief, we didn’t want it to be another 23 years between shreds.

Head Carrier is available to pre-order now via every format you can think of – digital, CD, LP, and LP with Slipmat. What a time.

  1. Head Carrier
  2. Classic Masher
  3. Baal’s Back
  4. Might As Well Be Gone
  5. Oona
  6. Talent
  7. Tenement Song
  8. Bel Esprit
  9. All I Think About Now
  10. Um Chagga Lagga
  11. Plaster of Paris
  12. All The Saints

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