Peter Doherty Drops New Single And Word Of A Second Album

Infamous English artist, songwriter and poet, Peter Doherty, has dropped a huge new single ‘I Don’t Love Anyone (But You’re Not Just Anyone)’ and word of a brand new album, ‘Hamburg Demonstrations’, set to drop this December.

Since the release of the Amy Winehouse tribute track, ‘Flags Of The Old Regime‘, last year, (now titled ‘Flags From The Old Regime’) it’s the first sound of real life since the release of Doherty’s highly acclaimed debut solo album Grace/Wastelands in 2009. The new record will also feature ‘Hell To Pay At The Gates Of Heaven’, a song that pays homage to the Paris attacks last November.

Produced, recorded and mixed by Johann Scheerer at Clouds Hill Recordings in Hamburg, Germany, the album allowed Doherty to fulfill a dream of recording in the city where The Beatles learned the tricks of their trade.

A storyteller to the bone, we’re anticipating big things for this record.

‘Hamburg Demonstrations’ is out December 2 and is available for pre-order now.

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