Palms Unveil Second Album Details

Palms will release their second album – the cheekily titled Crazy Rack – on October 30.

Rather than the rock’n’roll cliches it hints at, the title comes from a photo taken outside a Central Coast op shop by the band’s drummer Tom Wallace.

β€œThe picture has this kind of dry humour to it that a lot of Tom’s photos have,” Palms frontman Al Grigg says. “I just love the dodgy sign trying to drum up some excitement around these unwanted clothes at a fairly charmless suburban op shop. The font, the multi-coloured lettering, the strip mall paving, it was all perfect.

“Then as we thought about it more, it started to make even more sense as the album cover and title. I love that when you hear the words ‘Crazy Rack’ you immediately think of a rock’n’roll cliche, like a stripper’s fake boobs or a pile of cocaine. But the reality is it’s just this very mundane and everyday pile of clothes.”

The album, like Palm’s acclaimed 2012 debut Step Brothers, was recorded with Owen Penglis (Royal Headache, Straight Arrows, The Grates.)

Sydney fans can catch Palms live at the Small World festival this weekend and At First Sight festival in November, while everyone else gets their chance when they hit the road with Last Dinosaurs over the next month.

Check out Crazy Rack’s first two singles, ‘Bad Apple’ and ‘Beatdown’, below.

The Crazy Rack tracklisting:

1. ‘Bad Apple’
2. ‘Rainbows’
3. ‘Thoughts of You’
4. ‘One Cold Night’
5. ‘Sleep Too Much’
6. ‘No More’
7. ‘In My Mind’
8. ‘Beatdown’
9. ‘Fake Stare’
10. ‘Photographs’
11. ‘Dreamcatcher’

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