Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Is Dropping 12 Albums.. This Year

In refreshing news, as in fortnightly refreshing, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, the multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and founding member of At The Drive In and Mars Volta, has just dropped Sworn Virgins, the first record in a series of solo albums to be released on a bi-weekly basis running through until the end of the year. Twelve albums from now until twenty-seventeen is more material than your average popstar across a 20-year volatile career.

The previously unreleased albums were recorded from 2008 to 2013, while Rodriguez-Lopez lived in Zapopan, Mexico and as well as his eventual return to El Paso.

“I can’t think of a better home for these records or of another label [out via Ipecac Recordings/[PIAS]] crazy enough to put out this much material.  The series also owes its blood to the hard work and talents of Jon Debaun and Chris Common, who diligently scoured through endless hard drives to find these albums and provide such stellar mixes,” says Rodriguez-Lopez.

As they drop, each album can be purchased here. Wild, yet constantly refreshed.

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