Wolf Alice – ‘Yuk Foo’

Wolf Alice have shared a first glimpse into their sophomore album Visions Of A Life with angry single ‘Yuk Foo‘.

The London alt-rockers have shifted into a new gear with the riot grrrl punk single, which packs a lot of punch into it’s 2 minute span. Littered with copious feedback, fuzz, noise and screaming, singer/guitarist Ellie Rowsell repeats the universally relatable phrase “You bore me to death … I don’t give a shit.” For Rowsell, the screaming is directed at the “everyday wolf-whistle thing,” she explains “As I get older, I feel like ‘Why have I always put up with that?'”

But Wolf Alice intentionally kept the thrashy single open to interpretation, “so that anyone who was frustrated at something could have it as their anthem”. The high-intensity rage-release that is ‘Yuk Foo’ is so addictive you’ll be looking out for things to be frustrated by.

Visions Of A Life will be released Friday, 29 September.

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