Unknown Mortal Orchestra – ‘Not In Love We’re Just High’

Following their unapologetically raw single ‘American Guilt‘ released last month, Unknown Mortal Orchestra have surprised us with another new track, this time channelling a late night cyborg groove.

Not In Love We’re Just High‘ is the latest single of the New Zealand art-rockers upcoming album Sex & Food. Beginning with a mellow, pulsating synth, soft clicking and singer Ruban Nielson’s heavily distorted vocals, the track delivers its hard-hitting truth through introspective sonic textures rather than the barely distinguishable lyrics. Halfway through, a solid, thumping beat drives the track forward, before exploding into a sublime cacophony of electronic drums and thick bass synths. It’s muddy like a drug-fueled haze or hearing loss after being at a club all night, just the moments for this kind of contemplation.

We are sure we have no idea what to expect from Unknown Mortal Orchestra next, except that their v awaited fourth album will be some obscure groove. Stay tuned.

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