Unknown Mortal Orchestra – ‘American Guilt’

New Zealand art-rockers Unknown Mortal Orchestra have kicked back into gear with a hard-hitting surprise single ‘American Guilt‘.

Their first new material in two years, this latest offering takes the quirky, funky indie-rock they became known for with infectious singles ‘Multi-Love‘ and ‘Can’t Keep Checking My Phone,’ and smothered it in near-impenatrable layers of fuzz and distortion. Detuned guitar and bass rip out an unapologetically raw riff as singer Ruban Nielson’s gritty vocals cut their way through over 4 minutes of loud crunch. Their usual laid-back soul seems long-forgotten, replaced instead with a dark and angry wall of sound that’s unpredictable but harmonious nonetheless.

We’re not sure where this new, formidable evolution of Unknown Mortal Orchestra is heading, but we’re excited to find out.

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