Two People – ‘I’m Tied, To You’

Two People aka ex Snakadaktal members Phoebe Lou and Joseph Clough have just dropped new single ‘I’m Tied, To You‘. Reuniting after Snakadaktal disbanded in 2014, the pair have spent the past two years writing and recording their debut LP. The track’s release comes as they gear up for their huge live debut this July at Splendour In the Grass.

‘I’m Tied, To You’ was penned about the “fragility and frustrated loneliness” in being “tied to yourself”, says Lou. Melancholic and dreamy, the dark pop tune features Lou’s resonant, deep vocals alongside sax and a regular dance beat. The track’s lyrics are from the perspective of someone caught in an internal dialogue – “Give me your talk, and I’ll give you mine”…”I wish you’d say something good, I’m tired of closing my eyes”.

‘I’m Tied, To You’ is the duo’s third release to date, following singles ‘Fading’ and ‘If We Have Time’. Despite having never performed live, they have already amassed a large online following, their previous 2 releases receiving over 4 million streams.

Now signed to Melbourne based management company Good Manners, the pair will spend the next couple of months honing their live show for their first ever performance at Splendour in Byron Bay.



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