Tiny Little Houses – ‘Short Hair’

Fresh off releasing their anthemic debut album Idiot Proverbs last week, Tiny Little Houses have shared a party video for fuzzy rock track ‘Short Hair‘, dedicated to outcasts everywhere.

The Melbourne angst-rockers have gone a little bit wild with this latest offering, inspired by an anecdote of singer Caleb Karvountis’ girlfriend’s uncle, who used to pick on a square friend by saying “he likes to let his short hair down”. The result is moody and introspective with an explosive chorus about being happy to be uncool.

Set at a v cool house party, the music video features an obviously out of place guy trying to fit in, before giving up and dancing like no one is watching.

We can all let our short hair down when Tiny Little Houses road test their new album across Australia next month. Tickets below.

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