Sunflower Bean – ‘Twentytwo’

In less than two weeks, we’ll have a brand new album from New York indie-rock troupe Sunflower BeanTwentytwo In Blue is the second record for the trio, set for release on March 23 when all members will be 22.

The title track and newest cut ‘Twentytwo’ demonstrates a sweeter sounding side to Sunflower Bean, but lyrically it still hits like a punch – echoing an ongoing moment of cultural reckoning with generations of sexual harassment and abuse by men in power.

“Busted and used/ That’s how you view your girl/ Now that she’s 22,” sings vocalist Julia Cumming, who’s not only been part of an emerging young band but also spent time in the youth-besotted fashion world. A telling line: “If I could do it I would take her in my arms/ I would unwrong all his wrongs.” “I’m not saying I want people to feel uncomfortable,” comments Cumming about the song. “But it is supposed to make you think, about age or being a woman or just the time frame in which you have to do things. And fighting against that.”

The new single follows on from crashing pop power anthem ‘Crisis Fest’, and the mesmerisingly mellow ‘I Was A Fool’ released last year. The band explain, “‘Crisis Fest’ is less about politics and more about the power of us, the young people in this country.” This passion is set to run through the upcoming album, which has been influenced by the political turmoil of the past two years. But despite this, they still describe the record, in one word, as “lovable”.

You can pre-order Twentytwo In Blue now.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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