Sunflower Bean – ‘I Was A Fool’

New York indie trio Sunflower Bean have shared brand new music – the first in nearly two years.

The dreamy track ‘I Was A Fool‘ is driven by jangly, surf rock guitars, crisp drumming and some understatedly groovy bass. It’s instantly hypnotic, as vocalists Julia Cumming and Nick Kivlen take turns singing about yearning and regrets. Their voices contrast magically between Cumming’s angelic, sweet melodies and Kivlen’s soft indie-folk crooning.

‘I Was A Fool’ is the band’s first release since their debut album Human Ceremony, which birthed cute indie anthems ‘Easier Said‘ and ‘Come On‘. This latest offering shows off some new found maturity for the band that formed in high school, as the track takes on a more reflective tone.

“‘I Was A Fool’ is one of those songs that seemingly crept up from nowhere and into our practice space. It was a special moment between the three of us, Julia and I both improvised the lyrics,” Kivlen explained.

We’re hoping this mesmerising track is a sign of more to come!

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