Stonefield – ‘Midnight’

It’s only one more week until Stonefield – the most fierce sisters in Aus rock – drop their sophomore album, As Above So BelowToday, to celebrate the hugely anticipated release, they’ve shared a new track and psychedelic video for ‘Midnight’, which sees the gals enter into a slightly different sphere of the rock world.

Sonically, the track is a gorgeous silky pysch-rock experience, no pulsating guitar riffs, rather swirling melodies and slowburns leading to a squealing solo shred, before resuming chill mode and dark vibes. Visually, it’s a tripfest and techni-colour dream, that perfectly compliments the track to no end, and a collab with visual artist Olivia D’Orazi.

Tonight, Stonefield kick-off their east coast tour, sharing As Above, So Below prior to its release. See you in the pit.

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