St Vincent – ‘Los Ageless’

Eccentric pop songstress St Vincent has released the second track from her anticipated album Masseduction and an aesthetically cynical video along with it.

Los Ageless‘ is a biting heartbreak track, featuring a dark chorus with massive pop hooks. The intricate verses show off St Vincent’s supreme production talents, as sharp beats and quirky sounds underscore her screaming guitar. As the title suggests, the lyrics criticise the obsession with youth culture, highlighting the objectification of women with lines such as “Girls in cages, playing their guitars”.

The video takes this critique one step further, displaying ridiculous submissions to beauty standards, including plastic surgery, passively shredding the word “NO” and being slowly consumed by pedicure slime. Oh, and the whole clip is impeccably styled in hyper-saturated colour.

Also featuring powerful lead single ‘New York‘, Masseduction is set to drop on Friday, 13 October.


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