Slum Sociable – ‘Don’t Come Back Another 100 Times’

Unless you’re sharing some sweet electronic-soul than yes, generally we would agree that don’t come back another 100 times.  But we’re very chill for Melbourne lo-fi dance purveyors + silky-soul creators better known as Slum Sociable to return 100 times more with material like this.

Squeezed from Slum Sociable’s v-anticipated debut album (due for release later this year), ‘Don’t Come back Another 100 Times‘ was recorded in the Melbourne duo’s hometown with local legend producer Russell Fawcus and mixed by Ben Allen (Animal Collective, Cut Copy, Gnarls Barkley).

“‘Don’t Come Back Another 100 Times’ is about trying not to be shallow. It touches on elements of regret, of losing someone because of it and accepting the responsibility of your actions. It’s introspective, but written for anyone to be able to relate to and hopefully help come to terms with their own similar situation,” explain the duo – Ed(ward) Quinn (production/keys/guitar) and Miller Upchurch (vocals and percussion). It’s a gorgeous comeback to the airwaves and sonic sidestep  from their previous jazz-trip EP TQ featuring ‘All Night‘ and ‘Apartment‘. The new direction highlights a more warped-electronica with slingshot groove and Upchurch’s signature vocal tones. The accompanying video is a stunning representation envisioned and produced by the duo’s mates, which is worth revisiting 100+ times.

Standby for more news on their debut album – it’s coming soon.

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