12 June, 2017

Scott Darlow – ‘Runaway’

Aboriginal singer-writer Scott Darlow has shared inspiring rock track ‘Runaway‘ from his critically acclaimed 2016 albumĀ Sorry.

The uplifting ballad tells the true story of a young refugee couple escaping political danger, barefoot, pregnant and supporting each other. Layered with bright guitars, tambourine and Darlow’s soulful voice, the track is catchy, romantic and packed with political punch.

Darlow is renowned as an Indigenous activist and World Vision spokesman, sharing his music with over 100,000 students each year to raise awareness of Australia’s genocidal history and our country’s Indigenous culture. Melding rock instrumentation with traditional didgeridoo, Darlow focuses on the principles of F.L.U.T.E. – forgiveness, love, understanding, tolerance and empathy.

You can catch Scott Darlow’s heartfelt rock show at the Exeter Hotel in Adelaide on Thursday 20 July.