11 October, 2017

Nick Murphy – ‘Medication’

Australian producer Nick Murphy (FKA the ever-brooding Chet Faker) has dropped a fierce new track about “ignorance and flawed logic”.

Medication‘ is a dangerously addictive piece of dark electronic soul. Following on from his debut EP Missing Link earlier this year, this latest offering continues his exploration into RnB injected, groove-filled tunes.

Kicking off with deep rumbling bass and a sparse, reverb drenched beat, ‘Medication’ instantly hits you with a tidal wave of thick industrial sound. Murphy’s strong, soulful vocals rise over the cacophony of noise leading into a delicate moment of quiet before the irresistibly hook-filled chorus.

Of his latest track, Nick Murphy said, “I wanted to see what it was like writing about ego-fuelled confidence.” The result is intimidating, explosive and so so good. This is one medication we don’t mind being addicted to.