17 May, 2017

Month Of Music: May 2017

Along with the wind and rain, May has brought a hot load of new songs. Brightness’s latest track feels like a warm duvet on a chilly morning and Day Wave has us looking back (or very far forward) to relaxed beachy afternoons. DMA’s and Lisa Hannigan have both delivered fresh takes on old favourites and Husky have provided a dark, fun glimpse at their new album. Save money on heating and get grooving to these steaming tunes.

TAPZ – ‘Run Don’t Run’
A unique brand of forward-thinking noir’n’b,  filled with uncompromising energy.

Brightness – ‘Waltz’
A song of love and gratitude that generates a warmth of understanding and comfort.

Sean Heathcliff – ‘Too Far’
Shimmering pop sound shadowed by feelings of loss, taken from ‘A Boy And His Rose’ EP (out now), touring May.

TLC – ‘Way Back’ (feat. Snoop Dogg)
An effortlessly uplifting  return that blends hip-hop swing & soulful RnB with immediately-identifiable harmonies.

Husky – ‘Ghost’
Lifted from ‘Punchbuzz’ album (out 2/6), providing a glimpse of a freshly evolved, experiential sound.

DMA’s – ‘Believe’
Debuting on triple j ‘Like A Version’, much loved cover of Cher’s classic hit.

Lord Huron – ‘The Night We Met’
Featured heavily on Netflix hit series ‘13 Reasons Why’, taken from ‘Strange Trails’ album (out now).

Blaenavon – ‘Lonely Side’
Marking a coming of age  and their most accomplished effort to date, taken from ‘That’s Your Lot’ album (out now).

Day Wave – ‘Promises’
Dreamy, lo-fi indie pop, perfectly formed and instantly catchy, lifted from ‘The Days We Had’ album (out 5/5).

Sparks – ‘Hippopotamus’
Adventurous, fresh, and idiosyncratically Sparks, lifted from ‘Hippopotamus’ album (out 8/9).

The Charlatans – ‘Plastic Machinery’
First single lifted from ‘Different Days’ album (out 26/5), following on from the success of the bands last album.

Mew – ‘Twist Quest’
80’s tinged pop euphoria with dreamy vocals reigns supreme, taken from ‘Visuals’ album (out 28/4).

Lisa Hannigan – ‘Oh! You Pretty Things’
Off the back of 2016 album release ‘At Swim’, a standalone cover of David Bowie’s hit song.

Texas – ‘Tell That Girl’
Yearning vocals soaring over sparkling synths, taken from ‘Jump On Board’ album (out 21/4).

BNQT – ‘Mind Of A Man’
Second single lifted from ‘Volume 1’ (out now), an album that is full of surprises yet oddly familiar.

Geowulf – ‘Won’t Look Back’
Pensive, mature, shoe-gazey ballad  about trying to look forward  and deciding to be excited about what’s next.

H. Hawkline – ‘Engineers’ (edit)
Inspired by a Martina Navratilova quote, taken from ‘I Romanticize’ album (out 2/6).

Happyness – ‘Bigger Glass Less Full’
Lifted from ‘Write In’ album (out now), an outward looking, inventive and thoughtful album.

Dead! – ‘Enough, Enough, Enough’
A guitar laden, anthemic single from an exciting new rock’n’roll band.

J. Bernardt – ‘Wicked Streets’
Inspired by a soft melody, it touches on the state of mind you occasionally yearn for, but also fear.