10 March, 2017

Month Of Music: March 2017

We’re only three months into twenty-seventeen and it’s already shaping up to be a big one. Green Buzzard are back with a new single following the release of their follow up EP, Space Man Rodeo, Californian dreamer Day Wave has unveiled a new one ahead of his April album release and Bad//Dreems have revealed the newest cut from Gutful, their very anticipated second record.

Childish Gambino – ‘California’
Taken from ‘Awaken, My Love!’ album (out now), an amalgam of rock, funk and soul influences

Brightness – ‘Oblivion’
Unusually intimate and personal, first single lifted from debut record ‘Teething’ (out mid-2017)

Blondie – ‘Fun’ (Edit)
A unique combination of enviable cool and sheer melodic joy, taken from ‘Pollinator’ album (out 5/5), touring Apr

Mossy – ‘Dumb Terror’
About backwards politicians and our tendency to turn against each other instead of those in power

Kyle Lionhart – ‘Call Back Home’
A soaring indie-soul meets folk ballad about self-reflection, produced by John Castle, touring Mar-Apr

Green Buzzard – ‘Dream In/Out’ (Radio Edit)
About escapism and a longing for something new, taken from ‘Space Man Rodeo’ EP (out 3/3)

Sean Heathcliff – ‘Ordinary’
A song of encouragement that is a more live and organic sound, lifted from ‘A Boy And His Rose’ EP (out 17/3

Bad//Dreems – ‘Feeling Remains’
Ragged guitars underpinned by a rocksteady groove, taken from ‘Gutful’ album (out 21/4)

Jack Savoretti – ‘Only You’
A beautifully honest love letter with spellbinding piano, lifted from ‘Sleep No More’ album (out now)

Day Wave – ‘Something Here’ (Radio Edit)
A mosaic of iridescent synths and energetic guitars, taken from ‘The Days We Had’ album (out 5/5)

James Crooks – ‘Not Going Away’ (Feat. Kate Martin)
A powerhouse alternative-pop tune harnessing elements of electronic, featuring the delicate vocals of Kate Martin

Tiny Little Houses – ‘Medicate Me’
With lyrics that parallel love to addiction, lifted from ‘Medicate Me’ EP (out now)

Jon Stevens – ‘Hold On’
Capturing the spirit of overcoming hardship and struggle, taken from ‘Starlight’ album (out 31/3)

Toby Martin – ‘Lim’s Song’
Inspired by the Sydney suburb of Bankstown, taken from ‘Songs From Northam Avenue’ album (out now)

Mick Thomas – ‘Most Of The Time’ (Feat. Ruby Boots)
Originally from Bob Dylan’s ‘Oh Mercy’ album, lifted from ‘These Are The Songs’ (out now), touring Mar-Jun

The Strumbellas – ‘Young & Wild’ (Edit)
Delivering a sound that is big, bold and beckoning, taken from ‘Hope’ album (out now), touring Apr

Jillionaire, Fuse Odg & Fatman Scoop – ‘Sunrise’
A feel-good anthem that looks at the first sign of daylight as a turning point

Bnqt – ‘Restart’
From new indie super-group conceived and led by Eric Pulido of Midlake, taken from ‘Volume 1’ album (28/4)

Karen Elson – ‘Call Your Name’
New single from one of the world’s most recognisable supermodels, taken from ‘Double Roses’ album (out 7/4)

The Sherlocks – ‘Was It Really Worth It?’
A band with unquenchable ambition intending to create a unique sound, who are already captivating audiences