6 June, 2017

Month Of Music: June 2017

June may have the longest nights but that just gives us more time to enjoy these nocturnal tunes. Green Buzzard have delivered us a dreamy track from Mars whilst Dan Sultan is bringing us back down to earth with his pop-roots grooves. Whether you’re in the clouds or over the mountains, Cloud Control and Love Deluxe will have you dancing the long nights away with their sizzling new tracks. Winter is here and it’s very cool.

Cloud Control – ‘Rainbow City’
An ebullient, driving lead single born from a demo jammed at the Bundanon writer’s retreat.

Love Deluxe – ‘Cool Breeze Over The Mountains’
Conjuring images of hot days and long nights, the track is a hypnotising blend of funk and disco.

Phoenix – ‘J-Boy’
A brilliant, shimmering explosion of fearless desires, taken from ‘Ti Amo’ album (out 9/6).

Dan Sultan – ‘Hold It Together’
Second glimpse into the singer-songwriter’s forthcoming album, touring Sep-Oct.

Josh Pyke – ‘Into The Wind’
Stunning new single, lifted from ‘The Best Of, B-Sides & Rarities’ album (out 30/6), touring Jul-Aug.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – ‘Sick Bug’
Effortlessly infectious guitar riffs, taken from ‘The French Press’ EP (out now), touring June.

Brightness – ‘Talk To Me’
Bringing raw emotion and honesty, lifted from ‘Teething’ album (out 20/6), album launches Jun-Jul.

Kyle Lionhart – ‘Sweet Girl’
Stripped back guitar and vocals, simplistic yet powerful, taken from ‘Eleven And Two’ EP (out now).

Green Buzzard – ‘Never Let Me Go’
Written from the perspective of an anti-hero from Mars, lifted from ‘Space Man Rodeo’ EP (out now), touring June.

Goldfrapp – ‘Systemagic’
A glitter-bomb of intoxication and creative thinking, taken from ‘Silver Eye’ album (out now).

Nick Hakim – ‘Roller Skates’
A simple story about lonely characters, lifted from ‘Green Twins’ album (out 19/5).

Camo & Krooked – ‘Good Times Bad Times’
Taken from ‘Mosaik’ album (out 23/6), their most startling, detailed and singular body of work yet.

DBFC – ‘Jenks’
Thriving on the intersection between electronic and organic, lifted from ‘Jenks’ album (out 2/6).

Duke Garwood – ‘Blue’
A song of love that fell out the door, taken from ‘Garden of Ashes’ album (out now).

Sparks – ‘What The Hell Is It This Time?’
Adventurous, fresh and idiosyncratically Sparks, lifted from ‘Hippopotamus’ album (out 8/9).

Vessels – ‘Radiart’
Full of optimism and raw vitality, signalling a change in musical direction for the Leeds-based five-piece.

A deceptively buoyant breakup song, taken from ‘Man Of The World’ album (out 30/6).

Dead Cross – ‘Grave Slave’
Debut single that is S&M for your ears, taken from ‘Dead Cross’ album (out 4/8).

Melvins – ‘Christ Hammer’
The first single lifted from the band’s double album ‘A Walk With Love and Death’ (out 7/7).