Month of Music: March 2018

Spring is here and it’s swept in a whirlwind of diverse new music and great news.  Sydney band DMA’S have shared a breezy new single and cut from their newly announced sophomore record and Scottish trio CHVRCHES who have also confirmed the release date of their very awaited album #3 with the release of dark-pop explosion ‘Get Out’.

CHVRCHES – ‘Get Out’

New single from Scottish electro-pop trio, taken from Love Is Dead album out May 25.

City Calm Down – ‘Joan, I’m Disappearing’

Latest track taken from highly anticipated sophomore album Echoes In Blue out April 6, touring June and July.

Baby Animals – ‘Tonight’

First new music in five years and sure to rank among the classics, taken from forthcoming EP, touring March and April.

British India – ‘Midnight Homie’

An unconventional, memorable rock n roll track with dynamic shifts, taken from Forgetting The Future out now.

DZ Deathrays – ‘Like People’

An unforgivingly punchy homage to an ‘80s rock song, lifted from Bloody Lovely album out now, touring May.

Jeremy Messersmith – ‘Purple Hearts’

Written about two people on opposite sides of a cultural divide, lifted from Late Stage Capitalism album out March 9.

DMA’S – ‘In The Air’

Sweeping production and day-dream inducing lyrics, taken from For Now album out April 27, touring June.

Gengahr – ‘Before Sunrise’

Celebrating the relief and simplicity one can find lost in the night, lifted from Where Wilderness Grows out March 9. 

Ian Moss – ‘Broadway’

A stunning soul ballad written for his son Julian, taken from Ian Moss album March 9.  

Slum Sociable – ‘Outrunner’

Showcasing innovative production, alluring hooks and emotive lyrics, lifted from ‘Slum Sociable’ self-title debut album. 

Justin Nozuka – ‘Warm Under The Lights’

Revealing mature, thoughtful lyrics and beguiling melodies, taken from Low Tide EP out now.

Hatchie – ‘Sure’ (Robin Guthrie Remix)

A remix done by none other than Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins, a long-time musical inspiration for Hatchie.

snny – ‘Let’s Not Pretend’

An evocative, groove-infused electronic moment from NYC-based urban artist-on-the-rise.

Robert Delong – ‘Favorite Color Is Blue (feat. K. Flay)’

Marches forward on a stomping beat, glitch-y bass, resounding handclaps and a rich harmony.

Ian Moss – ‘If Another Day (Love Rewards Its Own)’

New single taken from ‘Ian Moss’ album out March 9, Mossy’s most personal record yet.

Ash – ‘Buzzkill’ 

A dizzying slice of upbeat pop nous that is sure to strike a chord with fans, lifted from ‘Islands’ album out May 18.

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