6 April, 2017

Mew – ‘Twist Quest’

Danish trio, Mew, return with a dream-pop track in the lead up to the release of their seventh studio album Visualsout Friday, 28 April.

‘Twist Quest’ is the second single to be lifted from the new record, which follows the synth-laden ‘85 Videos‘ and continues these 80s pop sensibilities with snappy drum machines and soulful saxophone. This all combines to create a euphorically up-beat chorus, contradicting the dark lyrics littered throughout the song. Lead singer Jonas Bjerre explains “the song is about being confused,” but concedes there is “a sense of celebration in it.”

Indeed, ‘Twist Quest’ makes you feel like dancing and crying at the same time, and from the look of the video (creative direction by Bjerre) that might be exactly what Mew wants you to do.

You can preorder Visuals now