Marlon Williams – ‘Come To Me’

New Zealand crooner Marlon Williams has released ‘Come To Me‘ from his anticipated sophomore album Make Way For Love and this one is a ballad for the boys.

Toning things down with just a soft-guitar and his rich voice, ‘Come To Me’ slowly builds layer after layer of sweet harmonies, reverb-soaked drums and swelling strings, becoming heart-warmingly tender whilst still maintaining Williams’ signature tinge of sadness. The timeless track combines vintage blues inspiration with luscious instrumentation to create something that is difficult to define but very easy to listen to.

The angel-voiced folk artist describes this latest offering as an ‘homage to male bonding’ and this is captured in the video, directed by Martin Sagadin, which features the band’s pre-show tradition of playing a bit of friendly basketball, eating fish and chips and sharing the whole experience with their loyal dog. If male bonding looks like a clumsy tackle, it sounds like this.

To celebrate the release of Make Way For Love next week, Williams’ will be touring the country in May.

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