7 July, 2017

Love Deluxe – ‘Spice of Life’

Sydney’s mystery musician¬†Love Deluxe has dropped a second, spicy dancefloor track, the mesmerising disco tune ‘Spice Of Life’.

Starting with a slick, snappy beat and a deep bassline, the track steps out of familiar territory with the introduction of a soulful saxophone hook. It blends perfectly with Love Deluxe’s warm, funky, psychedelic sound, as synths, pads and guitars hypnotise the listener through a groove-filled journey into a very cool futuristic world.

The minimal but intricate track still captures the perfect balance of chill and floor-filler that Love Deluxe proved himself the master of with debut single ‘Cool Breeze Over The Mountains‘ earlier this year. However this second offering seems to be injected with another layer of hot energy, perhaps thanks to the obscure Spanish Disco track which is cut through its luscious 5 minutes.

Love Deluxe has delivered with this latest timeless jam, which is sure to keep us moving until the EP we’re all anticipating.