Lila Gold – ‘Loveless’

Sydney pop sorceress Lila Gold has revealed what she’s been up to in L.A. with the release of her darkly sparkling new track ‘Loveless‘.

The bittersweet ode to independence was inspired by sci-fi classic Blade Runner, adopting a sonic palette that’s as moody and neon-tinged as the hopeless futuristic world. Gold even sounds like an android, as her slick and sultry vocals distort through layers of grit and autotune. The honesty in her lyrics remains clear however, as lines like “I can be a ghost of myself sometimes” and “I wanna feel nothing” ring painfully true in this anthem of self-prescribed loneliness.

With a formidable beat and thick layers of synth and guitar, ‘Loveless’ is a fiercely impressive addition to Gold’s mesmerising repertoire, which also includes grunge-pop breakout single ‘China Chalet‘ and ethereal banger ‘Play God‘.

Lila Gold’s fantasy pop realm is growing quickly, we can’t wait to see what futuristic magic she gifts us with next.


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