Kota Banks – ‘Holiday’

Pop innovator Kota Banks has dropped a fresh single – the instantly catchy ‘Holiday‘.

Hooking us in with the super relatable chorus “I need a holiday, I’ve been workin workin workin all night”, the track feels like a bright summery break from the 9-to-5 grind. The Sydney local has been putting in the hard hours, spending the past few years writing edge-pop tracks for everyone from Singapore’s pop sensation Tabitha Nauser to Nina Las Vegas. But since dropping her single ‘Empty Streets‘ earlier this year, Banks has proved she’s a force to be reckoned with herself.

‘Holiday’ has us salivating over the promised debut EP, as sweet lyrics of “Pineapple juice” and “ocean views” are sung over even sweeter synth melodies, which sizzle and snap through the track. A strong and eclectic beat drives the ever-changing layers of the song, which sets the mood from perfect sunny beach days to sweaty nights on the dance floor. ‘Holiday’ is set to be the soundtrack to summer.

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