14 June, 2017

Julia Jacklin – ‘Eastwick’

Following her acclaimed debut album Don’t Let The Kids Win last year, Blue Mountains songstress Julia Jacklin has unveiled a mesmerising new single, ‘Eastwick’.

The slow-burning track begins mellow and melancholy, as Jacklin croons about mourning and privacy. As always, her bittersweet voice effortlessly matches the delicate dynamics of the song, gliding over jazzy melodies but never detracting from her poetic lyrics. As the instruments around her build, with the addition of percussion, electric guitar and and vocal harmonies, the message of the song becomes more desperate and biting. Jacklin decrees “You are not in a garden, you are in a store. A single stemmed rose reaching out for more.” What follows is over a minute of deliciously distorted guitar smashing release, like Julia is rocking her way to freedom from a stifling world of falsehood.

The video, directed by Jacklin, is a tantalisingly aesthetic picture of her sheltered suburbia hometown. Dressed all in blue and always with a blue cocktail in hand, Julia and her bassist Harrison Fuller venture between manicured front-lawns, football ovals, palm trees far from the beach and the gambling room. Contrasted with shots of an emotional Julia singing against a world map, the video shows the need to escape the pen and join the wild.

After a sold-out tour earlier this year, Julia will be returning from her current home in Barcelona to play Splendour In The Grass this July. ‘Eastwick’ is the first single from 7″ Eastwick/Cold Caller out September 15.