Jack River – ‘Fool’s Gold’

Jack River has just released a shimmering new alt-pop song ‘Fool’s Gold’ with an incredible Matt Sav-directed gold-dipped, sequin-touched video to accompany.

Effortlessly combining laid-back psych-infused rock with massive, sparkling pop sounds, the Sydney-based singer/songwriter has marched into fresh, addictive territory with this latest offering. The track bounces between subdued verses with bittersweet guitar melodies and dreamy, whispery vocals, to huge euphoric choruses that marry low-fi guitars and polished synths seamlessly.

Just as she did in her debut EP Highway Songs No. 2 which came out last October, Jack River has once again captured the perfect balance of melancholy and bliss. The track was born during a lonely period in New York, during which, River explains, “I was annoyed at myself for falling for the same things over again without them giving back… I wanted to write a song for that emotion – the relentless humanity in thinking something is gold when it just isn’t.” The result, is gritty, intricate pop that actually makes you feel something.

But just crafting irresistible tunes isn’t enough for the hard-working songstress, who launched the sold-out Grow Your Own Festival last year and Electric Lady this year. The latter is a celebration of women’s achievements which will come together with a colossal all-female concert series in Sydney and Melbourne this June/July. As well as Jack River, the Electric Lady nights will feature Alex Lahey, Ali Barter, Gretta Ray, Bec Sandridge, Body Type and Rackett. Tickets are still available here!

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