Jack River – ‘Ballroom’

Shimmering pop sensation Jack River has released a desperately romantic new track, driven by a persistent dance beat like a heart thumping.

‘Ballroom’ is an electrifying last-minute love song that slowly swirls until it expands into a sparkling, synth-drenched soundscape that is equal parts retro and fresh. Produced by Jack River and Xavier Dunn, and mixed by Spike Stent in LA, ‘Ballroom’ follows heart-squeezing singles ‘Fault Line‘ and ‘Fool’s Gold‘ as tantalising insights into Jack River’s new material.

“From the very beginning, I staged ‘Ballroom’ in an arena in my head and built in a beating, constant heartbeat throughout that felt like my own. The song is built of that untouchable determination that drives through your blood when you want something so bad, nothing can stop you,” explains River.

Once again, Mav Sav was enlisted to co-direct and transform lyrics on a paper to a shimmering visual narrative

“Matt and I wanted to depict a timeless ballroom scene where people are doing exactly what they want. We wanted the characters to have a brilliance and an elegance to their freedom and see them suspended in a midnight moment.”

Jack River’s almost sold-out Fault Line Tour is happening next month. There are still a lucky few tickets left for Adelaide and Brisbane, find them here.

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