Jack River – ‘Ballroom’ (Cub Sport Remix)

With her highly anticipated debut album set to drop next month, pop princess Jack River has teamed up with Brisbane legends Cub Sport to remix her latest single ‘Ballroom‘.

Released in February, ‘Ballroom’ is an electifying last-minute love song driven by a dance beat like a heart-throbbing. Cub Sport have cemented its place on the dancefloor by distorting the vocals into candy-sweet repetitions of “I just want to be alone with you” and sprinkling sugary synths over the top. The snapping beat and layers of vocals create an irresistible groove, highlighting the cute romance perhaps hidden behind the yearning of the original version.

“‘Ballroom’ is a love song, but not just in the traditional romantic sense. Listen a little deeper, and there’s a depth propelling the dream. It’s a now or never kind of track, to all the doubters who want to see you falter,” Jack River shares.

Also including ‘Fault Line‘ and ‘Fool’s Gold‘, Jack River’s debut album Sugar Mountain is sure to be a sweet collection of longing and sparkles, and it’s out on Friday 22 June.

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