Illy – ‘Papercuts’ (Ft. Vera Blue)

Everyone’s fav potty mouth, Illy, is back with a brand new track. ‘Papercuts’ is the first sound of new music since the cuss-heavy ‘Swear Jar‘ back in 2015. The tune also features the ethereal vocals of Sydney artist Vera Blue.

“I’ve been holding on to ‘Papercuts’ for a while, and I’m really excited that it’s finally coming out, It’s a different vibe to anything I’ve done before. I love that about it. A lot of rap music’s been uninspiring lately. I wanted to make an album that didn’t sound like anything else out, and bring back those big moments and big songs that make albums stand out. I can’t wait to share the rest of this one.” Illy told Music Feeds.

Illy pulled a huge crowd at Groovin’ The Moo earlier in the year, and broke the rap scene when Cinematic was released in 2012. The new tune gives us a hint on his progression from Cinematic to the highly anticipated new album and enlisting Vera Blue is a curve ball we’re ready to catch.

‘Papercuts’ will be available to stream and download on July 8, but for now you can take a listen on above. Stay tuned for album deets.

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