24 May, 2017

Howlite – ‘Gothic Romance’

Melbourne dark pop trio Howlite have released a sombre and luscious new single ‘Gothic Romance’.

Slow-burning but never lethargic, the new track rolls through incomprehensible layers of shimmering synths, echoing samples, crashing drums, folk guitars and enchanting vocal harmonies. The three and a half minutes seem both fleeting and forever as Howlite explore sounds beyond the haunting folk of last year’s debut EP Reasons

Singer Alison Thom croons like a melancholic angel, sharing images of candles, wolves and sheepskins, straight from a gothic novel. Her forlorn lyrics, “Nothing impresses you … nothing depresses me more” are delivered with understated restraint, as if her emotional turmoil has been drowned in the ocean of harmony surrounding her.

The bold track is controlled sadness beautified into a cluster of sublime sound. We’re looking forward to where this experimentation takes Howlite next. In the meantime, catch them at their single launch at Melbourne’s Workers Club Sunday, 25 June.