25 January, 2017

Green Buzzard – ‘Never Let Me Go’

Green Buzzard (aka Paddy Harrowsmith) has revealed a brand new single conjured from some either dimension. The psych-rock slow-burner, ‘Never Let Me Go‘ is the second to be released from his just announced follow up EP Space Man Rodeo.

“‘Never Let Me Go’ is a rare love song written from the perspective of Dewey Everglow, an anti-hero from Mars that the Buzzard boys have created. The letter was sent by Everglow as an SOS while lost in space and was only recovered many years later by The Arcadian Space Control. The letter was then recorded by his band, Green Buzzard and is now the unlikely anthem at his favourite bar Space Man Rodeo,” explains Harrowsmith.

The intergalactic odyssey finds Buzzard’s most expansive and sharpest sound to date – a little scorched and slightly scuzzy with production help from legend Burke Reid (who’s worked with DZ Deathrays and Courtney Barnett).

Space Man Rodeo is will be in full orbit Friday, March 3. Check out the trailer here + you can pre-order it here.